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The Creativity Core in Modern Organizations

Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation are very critical for business effectiveness, but firms generally struggle in realizing it in their business and translating it into everyday life. The possible reason for this is that top management does not have a clear, well-developed framework of what it looks like as an organizational capability. And since they don’t know what it looks like, they don’t know how to build it and implement it.

The Creativity Core in Modern OrganizationsThis results in their positive attitude towards their colleagues, customers, and people with whom they interact with. This further enhances the relationships and the network of the organization. The idea is not about seeing people as a fixed cost, but of combining and maximizing their creative potentional to add value to the processes and create new sources of income. Creativity in business can be described as problem solving approach. Creativity links thoughts together to optimize a system to solve business issues. Creativity is an extension of brainstorming.

Creative people are basically self-driven. Their internal energy keeps them motivated. They see potential value in all activity they do. External factors such as financial awards are necessary to keep them going. It has been found that creative people display excellent leadership qualities. Leadership quality is a necessity especially when we are moving towards a perfect competition state. Creativity is constantly needed to create distinct competitive advantage, differentiate products and services and add value to each process in the system.