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Creating Partnerships and Pathways Beyond the School

Leaders of particularly effective alternative schools attend to forming partnerships with external institutions, like community colleges, Regional Occupational Programs, or local employers, which provide students with post-secondary pathways to academic growth and self-sufficiency. Often they are the product of personal networks; other times they reflect the vision and commitment of administrators to alternative education’s vulnerable […]

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Learner Needs

Following this familiar model, your natural inclination may be to consider the spiritual needs of your ESL learners and then look for teaching materials that highlight a range of basic biblical truths or present a clear gospel message. However, our own experiences as well as those of many other Christian ESL/EFL teachers have taught us […]

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Jack Welch: A Tough Boss and A Thought Leader

His mother taught him how to take defeat in his stride, and see things as they are. Jack said “If I have any leadership style, a way of getting the best out of people, I owe it to her (his Mother).” Her style of motivating Jack was in lines with McClelland’s motivation theory of leadership. […]

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Book Review: The Long Tail

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins writes of foxes and hedgehogs: the fox knows many small things, but the hedgehog knows one bighting. If we were to apply this concept to books, Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail would be a hedgehog. It has essentially one big idea—that the nature of demand has changed […]

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The Creativity Core in Modern Organizations

Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation are very critical for business effectiveness, but firms generally struggle in realizing it in their business and translating it into everyday life. The possible reason for this is that top management does not have a clear, well-developed framework of what it looks like as an organizational capability. And since they don’t […]

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Your Helper in PhD Dissertation Writing

You already know about spending limitless hours in the archives, in the library, in the lab, or just collecting or assembling articles to support the outcomes. It’s time-consuming, boring, and an uninteresting work. But what if there is a solution to your problem? Well, we at SERVICE have the solution for your problem. You just […]

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